""Great!" grinned Towser, thinking of the trouble two Nosey Parkers could get into "
— Narrator
Nosey Parker is a little bird that annoyed Towser and his friends and caused trouble for them because he was very lonely, until The Wizard made another Nosey Parker to keep the little guy company, and they danced away together.


He is a small curious creature that goes around looking at everything and sniffing it. But his curiosity can get the better of him, as he barges into peoples houses looking for more objects to look for. As you can probably tell, this type of behaviour doesn't go down well with people, and even Towser kicked him out of his house. He went into the wizards house and caused chaos, looked in Sadie’s bag and everything went everywhere and he checked out Dr Smelly's new robot which he broke! Poor old Nosey Parker became upset when everyone was angry with him. He said he couldn't help himself and he was so lonely, as he was the only nosey parker in the world. Luckily the Wizard took pity on him and created another Nosey Parker for him. He was so happy