The Old Witch
appeared in Towser and the Magic Apple.


As we can guess, she is a witch. She loves to fly around on her broomstick, which actually sounds more like a motor bike revving up. But one time, she lost control of her broomstick and embedded herself in the top of a tree. Luckily Towser was passing and helped her out of it. She was very grateful for his help and gave him a magic apple, telling him to treat it right and it will make him happier than he'd ever been. Towser wasn't convinced, as it looked like a normal apple, but he really looked after it by putting it on a nice cosy cushion, rubbing it, and seeing it it would make him fly (it didn't). Eventually he cut it up into slices to see if it would make him happy by eating one. It tasted nice, but nothing happened. But when he offered his friends a slice, he got a Kiss from Sadie, a Yo-Yo from the King and DR Smelly lent him his hot air balloon. Maybe it was a magic apple after all!