Sadie is a little kitten who is very good friends with Towser. She also has a hat which she is very protective of.


Sadie is Towser’s best friend who wears a red floppy hat. She is quite attached to her hat and was very tearful when a Lion made off with it. Luckily for her, Towser waded in and rescued it from the Lion, much to the surprise of Sadie. She always seems to be in Towser's house, so we're not sure if she stays there all the time, or just visits. For her Birthday, she asked Towser for the Moon! We are all for setting your sights high, but this was just ridiculous. What would she do with it anyway? Still, it didn't stop Towser trying to capture the Moon for her (aww, isn't he sweet). He gave in after he fell off a large pile of things he was standing on (to reach the moon). So he pretended that the white balloon he had was the Moon. Sadie wasn't fooled by this, but didn't let on to him, as she didn't want to hurt his feelings. But Sadie has a mean streak, such as the time she pretended she had a new robot to help with the housework. Towser thought it looked rubbish, but the robot kept ordering him around, telling him to clean up here and clean up there (which he dutifully did). Little did he know that inside of the robot was Sadie who was tricking him to do all her housework. When she lost control of the robot, Towser made a bid for freedom and ran off. But that wasn't the end of the prank, as she had invited the Wizard to see her robot too