The Alien Invader appeared in Towser and the Alien Invader.


He is a green alien that landed in the Kingdom in his spaceship. When he emerged from it (in his spacesuit), he demanded that Towser take him to their leader, who he would capture. Unsurprisingly Towser said no. It seem the Green Alien likes to get his own way, because he went back into his spaceship and produced a ray gun, threatening the kingdom with war. When Towser gave him the run around, he started firing Chocolate Bars from his gun at them. You see on his planet you win wars being nicer to your enemies than they are to you. Again he demanded to be taken to their leader, so Towser took him to the kings play room. Here he pointed to the royal teddy bear and said that was their leader. The green alien believed him and kidnapped him and took him back to his planet (poor Teddy). Not sure they ever got him to talk.