The Goblin Gobble is a naughty goblin who kidnapped Towser and locked him up only for Towser to trick him and lock him in Towser's cell.


He is a horrible green goblin that likes to hide in the woods and kidnap passers by, taking them back to his tower before eating them. Goblin Gobble's Tower is surrounded by a moat, with a drawbridge, but has trouble getting inside because of his lazy and hard of hearing guard. Goblin Gobble can be often heard screaming for him to lower the drawbridge. Unluckily for Towser, he was kidnapped by Goblin Gobble when walking in the woods. He was imprisoned in a room at the top of his tower. Luckily, Goblin Gobble is a curious and greedy goblin, and when he heard Towser saying 'nice' and 'super', he wondered what he had in there. The guard unlocked the door and Goblin Gobble rushed in, but Towser rushed out and locked the door. Goblin Goblin shouted for his guard to let him out, but unluckily the guard couldn't hear him...shame.