The Terrible Thing is a monster that threatened the kingdom which Towser lived in. He later drove the monster out of the kingdom with a brilliant plan. He later returned and terrorized the kingdom until Towser successfully disposed of him with the conjuror's vanishing cabinet.


The Terrible Thing is a black monster that has a huge beak, that loves scaring everyone. His favourite food is dogs, so as you can tell Towser isn't too keen on him. The King has tried to get rid of him from the Kingdom, and has sent his knights into battle against it, but they don't get very far, as he just eats them. It was Towser that worked out how to get rid of him. He captured all the flys in a jam jar and took them to the next kingdom. The birds followed them, as they eat flies, so the cats followed the birds, and the dogs followed the cats, and The Terrible Thing followed the Dogs it likes to eat. Bet the king in the other kingdom isn't too happy on all these new arrivals, especially The Terrible Thing.