Towser is the main character of the book series and television series of the same name.


Towser is quite a nervous dog and has been known to carry a big stick with him when he goes into the forest, just in case he meets something nasty. That didn't stop him from being kidnapped in the forest (so big sticks don't always help).Maybe he's just unlucky, as he's even been chased by The Terrible Thing, but this could be down to him being a dog, which is its favourite food.It looked like he was getting braver when he tackled a Lion, to get back Sadie's hat! He jumped in, grabbed it by the tail, swung it around his head and bounced it around using his feet. You see, he though all lions were like the stuffed one he has in his house. When Sadie told him that in real life they were dangerous creatures, Towser suddenly felt unwell and fainted (not surprisingly).One of Towser’s favourite things to do is jump out people and pull funny faces and make rude noises. Little did he realise that if the wind changed direction that his face would stick like, which is exactly what happened. Poor Towser didn't know what to do until the wizard said he would have to catch the wind and say he was sorry. He then spent the afternoon trying to catch the wind, and even tried to use Dr Smelly's net to help. It didn't work and the wind kept laughing at him. Eventually the wind asked whether he had learnt his lesson, he had, so to Towser’s relief his face went back to normal.normal. Towser isn't very good at planning, and this showed up when he went camping. He forgot his matches, his pillow, blanket and most other things. Luckily he had camped just outside his house, so he went inside to get the missing things, but for some reason never came back outside again.