Towser and Sadie's Birthday Party is the second episode.


It is night time and possibly late at night. Even the small owl is asleep (yes I know owls don't sleep at night). Towser goes to visit Sadie the kitten. The owl gets sucha startle that he falls out of the tree - not a happy owl. Sadie is miserable as it is her birthday tomorrow and she thinks no one will remember. Towser tells her he certainly will and promises to get her a present - "what would you like" he asks ? (dangerous thing to ask a kitten). Sadie only wants the Moon. The Moon is way out of reach though despite Towser's best efforts. He places a chair on a hill and then some books and other material in an attempt to reach the moon. It is at this point that we discover the Owl likes cricket (or certainly has an interest in it). As Towser takes some of his belongings outside, the Owl spies a cricket bat and takes it, quickly examines it and then puts it back. In a later episode (Towser and the holiday), the Owl takes the cricket bat again. Ah well, back to the story. Eventually Towser's tower is very high and top heavy and so the whole thing collapses and poor Towser has to resort to another idea. He goes into the house and into the toybox. He takes out a balloon and blows it up. He then takes it to Sadie and tells her it is the moon. She then points to the moon in the sky to which Towser states hat that is the hole left when he removed the moon. Towser thinks that Sadie thinks that she has the Moon. He goes off to get the Birthday cake. Whilst doing this Sadie confides in the Wizard that she thinks Towser belives he has given her the Moon. Sadie is happy although she knows it is not really the moon.