Towser and the Terrible Thing is the first episode.


Towser is out for a walk and he stops to pick up a flower. Suddenly he hears a frightening voice which informs him that the flower does not belong to him. A large terrible thing appears (looks like a multiple cross between different animals) and chases Towser into a nearby castle. Towser quickly gets inside and closes the door. The King comes downstairs to see what all the noise is about and Towser explains that he has just been chased by a terrible thing. The King knows all about the terrible thing and informs Towser that he had a lucky escape as the terrible thing eats dogs. The terrible thing has been here for many years and none of his knights can scare him away. To prove his problem, one of the King's knights, Sir Lance has a go at charging the terrible thing, but the terrible thing scares the horse and everyone ends up running back inside. Towser then has a brilliant idea. He requests a large jam jar with some jam in it. He then places this outside on a rock and the jam attracts lots of flies. When all the Kingdom's flies are in the jar, Towser captures all of them. He then asks that the jar be taken to another Kingdom and then opened. The King does not understand yet how this is going to help. Suddenly the King and Towser see the Kingdoms birds flying to the next kingdom in pursuit of all the flies, closely followed by the cats (in pursuit of the birds) and then finally by the kingdoms dogs (inpursuit of the cats). Next they see a sight that makes then run and hide. The terrible thing is after all the dogs (remember the terrible thing eats dogs) and so rushes off to the next kingdom in pursuit. The King is so pleased that he gives Towser a medal. In later episodes we find that the terrible thing comes back.